Nothing working...can see upload to post options, cant see my own medi library

nothing working…cant see upload to post options, cant see my own media library.

How can anyone help when you provide zero details? :slight_smile: If you bring your car to the mechanic and say “somethings wrong” – they are going to say “What?”. Help rtcamp help you. Describe your problem! :slight_smile:

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Hi @floss007,

As @illusionsglass suggested, please provide us some more detail about the issue.

I have installed the plugin… and there seems no options for users to upload media. i use onecommunity them located at its all set up and no errors…just no option for users to upload photos.

Hi @floss007,

Please once make sure that you have set required settings to ON like ‘Enable media in profile’ from rtMedia settings.

For more information you can also refer to documentation here -->

Hi there

still nothing working :frowning: everything is enabled…just cant see any change whether its enabled or disabled

Hi @floss007,

Please once check with WordPress default theme and with other plugins disabled.

checked with default theme and all plugins apart from the basics …and still nothing.

Hi @floss007, I have visited this link -> but looks like there are some issues going on in your site. It only shows this line <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=" />

Can you please check and give me URL where your site is working?




Hi @floss007,

I see, you are using OneCommunity theme, right?

Please check this support thread -> OneCommunity theme and rtMedia isuue for OneCommunity theme media tab issue.

Hi that’s definitely fixed the issue of not being able to upload to a media library…thanks my issue is i presumed that when in a forum and i post a reply i can upoad a photo i found this but it doesnt tell me where to use this or insert this… any ideas?

i basically want people to upload in their responses and they can be commented on etc like in the RTmedia website

i have moved theme in order to test this out.and it still doesnt work… i simply cannot whilst writing a reply to a topic for example - add a photo

I hate to chase…but this has been a while now and i just want to get on with opening the site…which i am awaiting getting this working. have you got any further ideas…or do i need to get a refund and find an alternative… i hope not as your plugin does what i need and i want to add the tagging element… i just need it working asap .if you need my login to the site then please ask …and ill provide it.via

wp-admin / rtMedia / Settings / bbPress / “Enable Attachments in topic/reply” ON.



please read above…all setting are already on. it is fully configured with all options on

i dont have that option anyway

i see now its a pro feature…hmm that was misleading from the home page of the site. i only really wanted this feature…$149 is way to much for me…guted

Yes, that features is in rtMedia Pro version. You can read FAQ about price.


you should…on the intro video…make it abundantly clear that its only the pro that has these additional features… i unfortunately haave promised a client the full work s and now have to go to them and charge them more money…which is not good for my client relationship.