OneCommunity theme and rtMedia isuue

I am using OneCommunity theme ( for Buddypress.
There appears to be a conflict that the developer thinks lies with the rtMedia plugin … and the same problem exists with bp-default theme.

The problem:
This is what is shows for me, when I click on Profile and “Media” of a member.(see attached screenshot)

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Could you please provide debug info, so that we can have a look into it. Can you check that whether it works with WordPress default theme or not.

I am having the same issue. Also when you post an image it disappears when you go back to see it. It also does not show the uploaded images in the activity feed in the activity feed. Is there a way to

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Please check this doc -> regarding media tab issue with BuddyPress themes.
Hope this will solve the issue.

Rather than starting a new thread, I thought it best to extend this one. I’m using the same setup. I figured out the issue the OP was talking about - it’s related to the fact that rtMedia defaults to the index.php file, which in the theme is basically a placeholder.

So, I went on and followed the instructions related to rtmedia_main_template_include(), which got me the default page template showing up. Now, this is where I’m stuck. I don’t actually want the default page template (which has a sidebar, causing some spacing issues with the user profile nav bar). I want to use the full width template the rest of the profile pages use. So, I swapped out get_page_template() for locate_template(‘onecolumn-page.php’) as the instructions indicated, but apparently to no avail. It’s still trying to load the default page template.

I thought maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was using child theme, but even copying that specific template file into the child theme didn’t change anything. I’m a little confused why it doesn’t just inherit the parent page’s template based on the page slug like other tools do (a la the BP-Links or front end blogging plugins).

Anyone else had trouble with rtmedia_main_template_include() not loading the specified template?

Can you give me the code snippet you are using to change media template?

I just have this in my functions.php:

try echoing locate_template and see what output comes.

It is indeed finding it:

I also went in and had it echo out $template to see if it matched, and it does indeed look like the plugin is loading the right template.

Based on that, I sorta think maybe the problem is template level. Like maybe something in the template file isn’t properly identifying how it’s being used, causing it to display wrong. I’ll follow up once I learn a bit more, in case anyone else runs into this, but I don’t think it’s an rtMedia issue now.