Ipad and chrome difficulties


I am experiencing difficulties with uploading media from iPad with Chrome. I am using the Buddyboss Theme. I have one photo which wasn’t created by the ipad, but it will upload from the ipad onto the site. However, no photo taken by the option to Take a photo, or upload a photo which has already been taken by the ipad, so you choose an existing photo, actually upload. It goes through the upload process, but nothing shows up.

Is there a known issue with this?


Hi @leigh_gregg,

Which version of IOS are you using ? Please once check with WordPress default theme and other plugins disabled.


I am on 8.1. Occasionally it works for a while, when I am disabling and enabling plugins. But there is no consistent plugin causing an issue. I have spent two hours trying to find which one it could be. Also I have found that the upload bar doesn’t go green, even when it is working. It doesnt show a percentage upload or change from waiting status. Only once the Post Update button has been pressed, and it seems to be jammed, although sometimes it works, very occasionally. If the refresh button is pressed, then the status bar goes green, although no upload percentage happens. The page refreshes soon after that so it stops the post update. Most of the time, after waiting, the text is posted, but no image is found. I had the same issue when using twentytwelve theme for a test.


Sorry, I have been replying in another topic accidentally. But yes, I have had to disable the plugin as it is causing my site to crash. What is happening please? I have been getting 500 Server Errors and the site has become almost unusable from any device.


I have done a plugin scan, and the bp-media plugin is taking over half of thee overall load time across the entire site, there is something very wrong. I cant post attachments as it says I am a new user.

I have had to disable the plugin as I have now been suffering 500 server errors constantly. I have tried the latest updates, but nothing is changing. I will try to activate it again to get the screenshot of the settings page.


The screenshot you have pasted is from p3 profiler plugin. That plugin is misleading and has been discussed before here - P3 performance profiler and rtMedia results

No probs. :smile:

I have moved other replies here in this thread.

Thanks for sorting that out.

I understand it could be misleading, but it did give me indication to why my site was suddenly crashing, and after deactivating the plugin, I am back up and running okay. There is a major conflict happening somewhere here, but I cannot find it.


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Hello, Is there any advice about my issues please? I have since looked at my laptop to see if I have better luck. I have found that uploading anything over 1mb does not get shown on page, even though it goes through the whole upload process. anything smaller does tend to be shown as expected.

Hello, I have discovered more.

In safari browser, the upload bar turns green and show the upload progress. Now the crazy thing is, that the photo will not ever appear, or be in the media library if you did the upload while the ipad is in portrait position. It works when you have it in landscape position. This is also the case in chrome, except that the upload bar doesn’t ever go green.

Hi @leigh_gregg,

We have tested it on our end and it is working, can you please once try to check it with WordPress default theme and other plugins disabled ?


I have been trying more…I have found that rt media has conflicts with

All in one Wp security, Wordfence, Gd bbpress attachments, Gd bbpress tools.

With these disabled the upload for iPad in portrait works in Safari. It works in chrome although the progress bar doesn’t change to green or show the progress percentage.

I have played with the settings of All in one Wp security to no improvement. No improvement either with changing the other plugins.

I need these plugins as they have been part of the site setup. I find it strange that the upload partially works when ipad is in landscape and not portrait.

The upload works better with laptop too with these plugins disabled.

Many thanks

Hi @leigh_gregg,

Sorry to say but we will not be able to help if it functions wrong because of some other plugin conflicts with rtMedia. You can also check it with default WordPress theme to avoid theme issues.

Hello, I am very confused to why I have spent 7/8 hours finding out why rtMedia is breaking to be told you are not going to offer any kind of support or advice whatsoever except for the Standard “try with default”. Does this mean I cannot use rtMedia? I see in other forums you have at least tested other plugins against rtMedia. I have been considering to upgrade to the pro version once I know it is a stable plugin, but feel completely let down, before I know the actual plugin works, and is worth investing in.Or is it so vulnerable in its coding that it has so many issues it isn’t worth even trying to work it out?


Hi @leigh_gregg,

We have tested with the plugins you have mentioned that are : All in one Wp security, Wordfence, Gd bbpress attachments and Gd bbpress tools.

We found green progress-bar issue with chrome and it will be fixed in future update. Further it seems there isn’t any conflict with above plugins, it happens with rtMedia itself with chrome and as you said it works good with safari with no issue.

We are not able to reproduce the upload issue you have described with ipad landscape and portrait.

I have found that the upload bar issue also happens on android tablet device with their native explorer. I

I have tried other security software, all have the same effect on the upload not working, as in not image ever being uploaded…there seems to be a conflict with security softwares generally, I have tried two others. It stops uploads on all browsers from working…unless, the tablet is in landscape…


Hi @leigh_gregg,

We will definitely look in to this if we can reproduce the same issue with portrait position.

Thank you.


Issue has been found, well it fixes it. You need to have more memory on your server. Uploads in portrait now work. Bizzare it works landscape but not portrait, but hey. Im just glad it is resolved.

It would improve the plugin if it blocked its own use if the system hasn’t the required resources to function properly.