P3 performance profiler and rtMedia results

Any idea what can be influencing rtMedia to give such bad performance results? See screenshots. 65%… multiple tests keep giving rtMedia bad perf results. Might be conflicting with another plugin?

I know this is not an easy question and a difficult matter to troubleshoot…


P3 Performance Profile is an EXCELLENT plugin if you are bad at statistical math. :wink:


It doesnt give you any useful data.

All it shows you is that out of all the things your page needed to load, rtMedia too up about 70% of those resource loading times. And then it puts it in a fancy pie chart so you think you can see what plugins are “hurting” you performance-wise. Very useless! :smile:

What it does not do, is tell you a pie chart of what percentage of the page requires a plugin and then show performance data vs that chart. Look at all the other plugins you have – they all do basically nothing. rtMedia has a lot of things to lookup, load, and then display, that’s why the numbers are high.

If you disabled rtMedia, all of a sudden your pie chart would show BuddyPress as taking up 40% of the pie chart. Does that mean buddypress is slow? Nope! :smile:

If you want to test performance, test load times. ( tools.pingdom.com/fpt/ ). Or, better yet, install “Query Monitor” plugin from the free wordpress repository. That will tell you what SQL queries are slow.

You’ll probably be amazed, that rtMedia is a very fast and well optimized plugin. I run it on a site with over 60,000 members that has over 130,000 videos and pictures. Fast as all hell.

I’m not a rtcamp employee, just a guy who uses a number of the plugins here. You should safely uninstall P3, it’s just useless garbage. :smile:



Thanks for your response Ben. I got your point. Indeed when I disable rtmedia, WSI plugin becomes the bad one. I already install Query monitor as per your advice. P3 disabled, for the moment :wink:

Thanks @illusionsglass for your helpful reply and @giorgos for your understanding + testing. :smile:

There are many areas where WordPress performance can be improved.

I just published our internal checklist here - https://rtcamp.com/tutorials/wordpress/performance-optimization/

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