EasyEngine services not running on server reboot


I’ve rebooted a server running EE v4 a handful of times, and twice on reboot no EE services were running and thus the websites on it were inaccessible. Because I didn’t want to leave the websites down for long, I didn’t investigate too deeply, just a quick top to see that at a minimum php-fpm and nginx weren’t running. A panicked second reboot fixed the issue.

Anyone else had this problem? The server in question is a Hetzner Cloud 4 GB.


I faced a similar issue I think. I was facing some issue with the wordpress website i transferred to my new droplet which I created to test out v4. I was getting err_connection_refused error, I thought restarting the droplet will work but after the restart my other test website also received the same error. I think ee was not running. That day I wasn’t in a good mood so I destroyed the droplet.


Seems it’s a known issue:


502 "Bad Gateway" Error after server reboot
Gettings segmentation fault and other errors

so has anyone discovered a way to solve this problem? I’m facing it now.