Www-data user does not access wp app folder


Hello, I can not access the app folder of the wordpress installation with the www-data user in the fileZilla, any help?



Got the same issue, user has to have root access, any way to change this so www-data also has access?


This isn’t a pretty fix but this is what I do. cd to /opt/easyengine/sites/mysite.com then I chown www-data:www-data app/ I hand over the app folder to my user www-data. Once I’m done transferring files or whatever using the www-data user, I hand back the folder to root by chown root:root app/

For a permanent fix you can use ACLs to give multiple users access to a set of folders. But the above just takes me 2 seconds to do so I never bothered with that.


Is this a confirmed bug?


@arrenato @Goran @msarhan @mikeslv We’ve identified the bug and created an issue for it. This will be fixed most probably in next release itself :slight_smile:


Hi there,

Thank you @msarhan for your tip.

I’ve tried this myself but when I SFTP as www-data I still can’t access the app directory. I’ve set up other users and modified the permissions for the /app directory with no luck as well.

Even when ‘app’ is owned by www-data:www-data I’m still not able to access the folder. Of course I could SFTP in as root but that’s not what I’m looking to achieve, root login is disabled as default for me.

I’ve checked the ownership of /var/lib/docker/volumes/domaincom_htdocs/_data and that too is owned by www-data. I’m confused as to how this is working as a fix for you, but not for me :frowning:

@kirtan any advice?


I did not understand the resolution, I have the same problem.


/opt/easyengine/sites/www.mysite.com/app: open for read: permission denied


I reinstalled everything again
: (
Backup would be very useful


What username are you logging in to SSH & SFTP with?


Any updates on how to fix this. my website is down. Do I have to rebuild my server? Whats the resolutions?


Doesn’t work. Still cant get to the folder.


mroth911@computer : /opt/easyengine/sites/site.com $ sudo chown www-data:www-data app/

mroth911@computer : /opt/easyengine/sites/site.com $ cd app/

-bash: cd: app/: Permission denied


You also need to do the following to allow your user to access that directory:

chmod g+x /var/lib/docker/volumes
chgrp www-data /var/lib/docker/volumes

For more security, replace www-data with a high-level group that only your site administrators use, like admin, wheel or sudo.

In ubuntu you can add the user to a group with: usermod -aG examplegroup exampleusername


I am having this same issue, anyone have any ideas how to get around this till the bug is fixed?