Www-data user does not access wp app folder

Not sure I see the fix you are talking about.

It looks like this issue is still unresolved. Is there an ETA on this or a work around?

Same problem here. This is crucial, please fix this or let us know how to handle this!


There is a lot of confusion for people on the new EE4 because it uses docker containers. Short and sweet, without getting into the details of how docker works, because I am still a n00b at it as well, your www-data user doesn’t have access because the container itself has its own www-data user with the correct rights to do everything it needs to do. If you need to setup SFTP access for a user into the website’s data folder just follow these instructions. Configure SFTP on EE4 server. You can create a user (not www-data) with SFTP access that will have full rights to do add, edit, delete, etc.

Hopefully, most of the people experiencing issues with this will see this post.

thank you!
it works… yes for security reason I added a new user.