Video Upload from iPhone IOS6

I get the following error message when attempting to upload video directly from my iPhone.

Media File you have tried to upload is not supported. Supported media files are .jpg, .png, .gif, .mp3 and .mp4.

Is there a fix for this?

Have you uploaded a video stored on your iPhone or recorded one using your iPhone?

I have recorded and uploaded video directly from my iPhone 3GS and it worked nicely.
You can see it here -

Also, the site on which you were uploading, is it running latest BuddyPress Media plugin (latest is 2.1.2 released 2 days ago)

I uploaded a video recorded on my iPhone 4s with IOS6 installed. I attempted to upload it directly from the video stored on the iPhone. I am running BuddyPress Media Plugin 2.1.2.

Error message is: "Media file you have tried to upload is not supported. Supported media files are jpg, png, gif, mp3, and mp4.

I tested uploading from iPhone 4S and it worked as expected.

I guess video stored on your iPhone was not recorded using an iPhone. So it may not be in MP4 format. You can record a video using your iPhone for testing. If that works, it will mean no issues with the plugin side.

If you get error while doing record & upload, please let us know.

I recorded a 5 second test video on my iPhone 4s about 5 minutes ago. I logged onto my site with my iPhone and did the following:

signed in with my user ID and password
Clicked on “Members”
Selected my profile
Clicked “Media” button on my profile
Entered media title and description
Clicked on “Choose File”
Located video in iPhone library
Clicked “Use”
Clicked “Upload Video”

Got error message: "media file you have tried to upload is not supported. Supported files are jpg, png, gif, mp3 and mp4.

Can u try uploading on our demo site: ?
user: demo
pass: demo

It is the same site where I am testing upload. Please check if upload from your mobile is working there. Thanks.

I uploaded a video from my iPhone 4s to your demo site, and it worked. What do you think is going on with my site?

Also, I am getting overwhelmed with spam registrations from robots. How can I stop that?

On your site, please uninstall/delete old version of BuddyPress-media and install a fresh copy.
Let me know if things works well for you…

For spam solution - please check

I deleted and re-installed BuddyPress Media Component. Still getting the error. Also tried to upload a video from my iPad and got the same thing. What can we do?

If you want to take a look at my site, you can get under the hood with:
username: pwhitty
password 122984pw

I finally managed to nail the issue.
I am sorry for goof up.

The demo site we used earlier was using our FFMPEG convert -

I create a new demo site and found issue on it.
Issues is located and will be fixed by Monday.

On sidenote, I am happy to know that our addon performed video conversion in fraction of seconds. It was so quick and seamless that we failed to notice video conversion process. :slight_smile:

Sorry again for inconvenience.

The issue is now resolved, please update BuddyPress Media to 2.1.3 to get uploading feature via iPhone as well.

I was able to upload a video from my iPhone if I recorded it and uploaded it before saving it to iPhone. If I try to upload a saved video, I get an error message.

May sound a stupid question, but is the stored video also recorded using iPhone?

You can try recording a video, then store it and then upload it. Just let me know if it works?

I recorded a video with the iPhone, stored it, then tried to upload it. Got a message that said, “error uploading the file.” If I upload the video before saving it to the camera roll, it works fine. The error message with stored video is consistent with all stored video.


I just tested a stored video and its uploaded successfully. See:

I request you to try again our demo server for the video which is creating issues for you.

The stored video uploaded successfully to your demo site, but won’t upload to my site. What could be causing this problem?
username: pwhitty
password: xxxxxxxxxx

@pwhitty: I’ve tested uploading videos on your site by recording and uploading existing videos as well from iPhone 4 having iOS6 and it was working fine. Though the upload limit on your site is only 2MB which can be a problem in case you are selecting videos larger than 2MB for uploading.

Try increasing the upload size limit to 20 or 40 MB as explained on this post

Increase file upload size limit in PHP

Just follow the post till the php.ini settings.

Where do I find this file to edit? I can’t seem to locate it.

As you are using Apache, you may try creating a .htaccess file in your document folder (same folder in which wp-config.php file is present).

Then in .htaccess add a line like below:

php_value upload_max_filesize 50M

It may increase your upload limit to 50M.

If above trick fails, then you need to search location of php.ini (if you are on shared-hosting you may contact your web-hosting company for support)