"Upload" button is not working

Hello, under “Media” tab > there are two buttons “Options” and “Upload”. Options button is working. but “upload” is not working. I got nothing when I click on “Upload”. please help!!! Thank you

In addition, under “Activity” tab, > there is a button “+ Attach Files” and Dropbox / “public, user, friends, private”. both “attach Files” and “dropbox” are working fine. I can find pics under “Media” tab after I save. please help!!!

Hi @brucedongcai@gmail.com,

Could you please check rtMedia plugin by activating WordPress default theme.

Let us know whether it is working or not.

Hello Abhishek, I did lots of test.

  1. yes, it is working with default theme.
  2. under members/username/media
    a)under “Activity” tab, > there is a button “+ Attach Files” and Dropbox / “public, user, friends, private”. both “attach Files” and “dropbox” are working fine.
    b)under “Media” tab > there are two buttons “Options” and “Upload”. “Upload” has not response.
    I like to insert uploader shortcord into the page; template /under members/username/media. where/how should insert the short cord? please advise

Hello Abhishek,
base on http://wordpress.org/plugins/buddypress-media/

  1. I like to add rtMeida Uploader (shortcode) under members/username/media . so I do not need to use option “upload”
  2. If I want to remove “upload” option, where can I find it?

thank you!!!


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Hi @brucedongcaigmail-com,

rtMedia Uploader renders under each section of media tab, this might be theme or plugin issue which is conflicting with rtMedia.

To fix this, please use this CCS below:

#rtm-media-gallery-uploader {  
	display : block;  
#rtm_show_upload_ui {  
	display : none;  

Let me know if it works or not.

This is temporary fix though, you could send your website URL with credentials to fix this issue permanently

Hello Abhishek,

  1. thank you!

  2. I used your code to override my theme.
    under members/username/media
    a) “upload” button is disappeared. I am ok. the following codes are working.
    #rtm_show_upload_ui {
    display : none;

    b) I do not find uploader/attach-file button under media tab. I guess that the following codes are not working.
    #rtm-media-gallery-uploader {
    display : block;

Please advise? thank you very much for helping!

Could you please provide website URL and account credentials to my E-mail id abhishek.kaushik@rtcamp.com.

That would be really helpfull to debug the issue.

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No Problem, please let us know if you have any other queries.

Happy New Year to you too :slight_smile: