Synced rtmedia content - multisite


I’m currently developing a bilingual Buddypress multisite project with rtMedia plugin handling photos. The network consists of two identical blogs in different languages (EN + RU; by the way, I’ve almost completed the Russian translation for you guys - plan to finish it in the nearest time).

The problem is that rtMedia content between those two blogs inside a multisite WP install is different and I haven’t found the way to make it synced. In other words, when a user uploads a mediafile to the English blog, it doesn’t appear on the Russian blog, and vice versa.

And here’s the question: is there a way to sync rtMedia content between multisite blogs?
If there’s currently no such possibility then please consider this a feature request.

Thank you very much in advance,


It is not possible right now to sync media between two blogs. rtMedia only creates one database table for media and maintains the blog_id.

What max we can do is to add a new filter which will remove the check for blog_id.

Hi and thanks a million for your response!

Adding a filter will be a perfect solution - thanks!!
Actually if you could let me know where to add it I’d do it myself.

Again, thank you very much for your help!