Sub-Domain Redirect To Main Domain

I have created a domain ( and activated LetsEncrypt SSL, then I added sub-domain, like and activated SSL on it too.

Now problem is now and redirect to

Hello, how have you proceed to activate SSL on your subdomain ?

ee site create subdomain --php–letsencrypt


EE doesn’t support subdomain with letsencrypt (it try to validate www.subdomain.domain.tld), so you should take a look in files in /etc/nginx/conf.d to check if there is a file forcessl-yoursubdomain.domain.tld

I have 2 sites running on EE, let say with a sub domain and with sub domain

All websites are working very fine, but when I try to access, it opens abc. com.

I dont know what is wrong here

May I ask if this is still a problem, or if you resolved it?

I had reinstalled EasyEngine, between that problem was not solved.

Are you trying to use a single installation of EE and a single publicly facing IP address with both your domain and your subdomain?

It is possible to use EE with Subdomains, though it is probably not as dynamic as one would hope. I do it all the time. It doesn’t necessarily have to take modifications to your EE config, though it does take a separate VPS with it’s own EE installation.