Ee Site redirects to another site domain on EE4


So I’ve installed a few EasyEngine4 boxes in the process of getting to know the system. I must say it’s awesome.

I’ve run into a small glitch I can’t seem to solve. I’ve installed 3 sites on different domains. Everything worked fine until this morning when the 4th site’s dns pointed to it. Similar unresolved issue on the forum

So when I type out the url for site4 I don’t get the usual welcome page. Instead Site2 is displayed.

The Configuration
Site4 - has been recently created with default EE settings.
Site2 - has custom PHP modules enabled as per script requiremenets. Nginx config is default

What I’ve done so far

ee site refresh site4
ee site refresh site2

ee site delete site4
ee site create site4 --mysql

Restarted the server

Has anyone had this issue yet on EE4? Do you have any suggestions for solving this?


Hi @Codes

I have indeed had the same issue, luckily for me the website in question wasn’t important so I simply removed it and re-added it. Not ideal for many people but I needed a quick solution at the time.

It was pretty odd behavior and not one I had seen before.

Sorry I couldn’t provide a solution, but thought I’d let you know that you are not the only one still experiencing this bug.


@jkdste Thanks Steven, apreciate your feedback. I’m considering WordOpps untill EE4 Becomes more stable. Will probably give it one more go before I migrate.