Setup with rtMedia only for BP Group


If rtMedia is active for BP Groups only and not for activity and profiles there is a redirection problem while deleting media in a group: after successfully deleting a media item in a group one is redirected to his / her own profiles /media directory. Other words, it’s not possible to activate only the BP groups component of rtMedia. Why is a user redirected and not inside the group where he / she deleted something?


Hi Hans Ruedi,
I just checked the same on our demo site -> and after deleting media in lightbox user is getting redirected to that groups media page only.

Try disabling other plugins and then check for the same.


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Hi Hans Ruedi,
Yes, we had found the issue and it will be fixed in next update if rtMedia. Thanks for bringing this issue to our notice.


Good news. Thanks Ritesh!


Hi Ritesh,
Do you have an ETA for that update? Thanks.


Hi Hans Ruedi,
No there isn’t ETA for this. We are working on some other issue also. As soon as all the issues will fix, we will release a new update.


Hi Ritesh,
It’s perfectly fixed in 3.6.15 – Thank you!


I am glad to know that your issue is resolved.