rtMedia for BP Groups and bbpress only


Hi Ritesh,

You remember, there was a bug in rtMedia 3.6.14 …

… now with 3.6.15 I still have de-activated rtMedia for BP Profiles and for BP Activity Stream - and I’m not using lightbox.

If I activate rtMedia for bbpress the problem is back: click on “Edit” of an attachement in a BP Group Forum. That will bring you to the BP Profile of the user who uploaded. And that way the Media component is available / visible in the user profile. You should find a way to “stick” in the bbpress forum while editing an attachement.


Hi HansRuedi,

I think this issue was fixed. Anyways, we will look into this and will fix it if any.

We are glad to have a user like you who help us to make this plugin even better :slight_smile:


Hi Ritesh,

Yes, that particular bug with media inside BP groups was fixed with 3.6.15 - I’m now talking about media as bbpress attachements for BP group forum topics. And don’t forget: I have lightbox disabled…


It will be fixed in future update.


Hi Ritesh,

This bug isn’t fixed in rtMedia 3.7!


Hi HansRuedi,

This bug will be fixed in rtMedia-PRO and not in rtMedia and also I stated earlier it will be fixed in future release not the next release. Don’t worry, this issue will be fixed.


Hi Ritesh,

Thanks for your reply. It was a big pleasure to get your newsletter today re rtMedia-PRO 2.4 - and it was really hard to realize that this bug is still not fixed in v2.4 !


Hi HansRuedi,

I am sorry to keep you waiting for this fix. We had just fixed this issue and will be updated in next release.


Hi Ritesh,

I just updated to rtMedia 3.7.2 and PRO 2.4.1 – the bug is still here !!!


Hi HansRuedi,

We had fixed this issue by not showing BuddyPress member header if rtMedia for BuddyPress profile is disabled.


Hi Ritesh,

It’s definitely not fixed. I’m using the following rtMedia setting:

“Use lightbox to display media” OFF
“Enable media in profile” OFF
“Enable media in group” ON
“Enable attachments in topic/reply” ON (“With Thumbnail + file name” chosen)
“Enable Media for this Group” ON (for the BP group I’m testing with)

Go to the BP group > Forum > create a Topic > create a Reply with an attachment …

… when the Reply is created click onto the thumbnail what will redirect you to your profile page

… Delete that image!

Now you are able to Upload something on your BP profile page (that’s the bug I’m talking about).


Hi HansRuedi,

We had figured out the issue you were talking about, previously we interpreted it in another way.

This issue has been fixed in rtMedia-PRO and will be updated in next release of rtMedia-PRO.


Good news Sanket, thanks!