Server monitoring/performance logging

What you are suggesting for server monitoring/performance logging?

My WP site is getting more active and I believe it would be good to see how the server handles it.

Is there any EE way of doing such?

Although currently EE does not have a way for monitoring performance, I did use netdata once and found it awesome!

Checkout it’s demo to see if it fits your taste

Looks really good. Thank you for that!

I didn’t try it yet, one question, how do you access it with your browser?

You do a domain thing, such as or some IP port link, like ?

Sorry for asking, but I feel always a little itchy doing things on a smooth running server with live sites.

Checkout -

It listens by default on port 19999. You can change it through config. Also if you want you can also run it behind nginx -

Which hosting company are you using? Some have this kind of feature already built in (or easily added).

Which hosting company are you using

Mostly linode.

Some have this kind of feature already built in

Yes, but they don’t monitor many metrics and hence aren’t much detailed (just basic stuff)

OK. But my reply was aimed at @Yello :slight_smile:

Ok, let me pick that up. Kirtan is on Linode, no idea, I have one VPS on Ramnode, they have zero details on their user panel. The specific VPS that I run Easyengine is on ArubaCloud, I don’t think there is any monitoring there. I will most likely try NetData in the near future.

Ohh sorry I thought the question was asked by @Yello. Didn’t realize it was asked by different user.