Rtmedia styles

Hi, I am using the kleo premium wordpress theme and it comes with rtmedia. I also have a document manager plugin installed that is conflicting with the styles of that plugin. How can I disable the styles for your plugin on a specific page within a buddypress profile?

Or how can I disable the rtmedia styles altogether?

Hello @ericBee , You can override rtMedia css from Admin dashboard tab rtMedia => Settings => Custom CSS.

Thank You

Thank you but I have already seen that option including the disable the default css, however that still does not solve my problem.

I found this support thread: Disable default styles

That is more along the lines of what I need, I did try that solution but it did not work for me. I need to completely disable/remove the rtmedia.min.css file. I’m using a plugin called SP Client Document Manager and it has a lot of the same classes that obviously cause a conflict.

Let me know if this is possible


Hello @ericBee, Please add this code in your themes functions.php

function rt_remove_default_style(){  

    wp_dequeue_style( 'rtmedia-main' );


and let me know if it, work for you.