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Hello, is there a way to disable or use a custom CSS file for your BP Media Plugin? If I use the themes CSS-files, my styles are getting overwritten by the default styles of your plugin. And I don't want to use !important in every line of Code. Do you have a filter for that? Or any other method? Kind regards, Jan

Rtmedia styles

Its not there yet, we'll add it in our next release.


That would be an important feature. It prevents custom styles from being deleted, if you update the plugin. Here is a solution, that i've seen in an other plugin: //load default css (in the plugin) add_action("wp_print_styles" , "xyz_load_css"); function xyz_load_css(){ if(apply_filters("xyz_load_css" , true)) { //allow theme developers to override it wp_enqueue_style ("xyz-css", PLUGIN_URL."xyz.css"); } } The theme-author can disable this default-css by placing the following code into the themes function.php (or elsewhere): add_filter( 'xyz_load_css', 'disable_xyz_css', 10, 1); function disable_xyz_css(){ return false; } And then he can style it in his files.


Thanks for contributing the code. It will be included shortly.



Just went through the code, you can disable the styles via wp_dequeue_style() function of the wordpress, so all you need to do is write this code in your theme:

function custom_style_for_bp_media(){  

So now I don't think any modification is required in the original code as this functionality is there in WordPress since version 3.1. I hope it helps


Correction Please use this add_action statement instead:


We need the custom function to execute after the original style is enqueued, otherwise with the same priority it may or may not work.


That worked perfectly. Thanks!


You're welcome :)