rtMedia slows down everything

Hi, I have bought all the plugins and addons in rtMedia but cannot use rtMedia yet because enabling anything in rtMedia slows down or hangs the site completely. A quick search shows that there have been similar issues since last year.

Have the issues been resolved already? Looks like it is not. If it is, please let us know how to resolve the problem, or it is still a persistent problem?

I cannot enable on the network (I am running a multisite) since the site hangs when any of the rtMedia is enabled. If the problem cannot be resolved then I have to abandon this rtMedia completely, well, no, in the meantime, I am deleting all the plugins as each one of these is a culprit for slowing and hanging the multisite. If there is any way, around this, I would greatly appreciate that you let me know how to, thanks…

Hello @star,

We are not experiencing the issues as you described. We suggest you to check performance with query monitor plugin once: https://wordpress.org/plugins/query-monitor/ Let us know if you still faces the issue.

We also found your similar request regarding InpisreBook theme : InspireBook

We can continue discussion on that ticket only to avoid duplicate communication. Please reply to your previous ticket as I am closing this thread.

Thank you.