Hi, the InspireBook is like a bare bones theme as we have to most of the customization or rather there is nothing in there, yet when enabled it slows down everything. I don’t know what’s the point of the theme?

I have a multisite and was wondering why the site is so slow and keeps showing the InspireBook as the theme even if it is disabled in the network. So I have to delete both the child and parent completely.

Can this problem be resolved? If not, this will be deleted forever. I have purchased all the plugins and addons to test out the rtMedia and dared not even use it yet as the rtMedia also seems to slow down things… Any help?

Hello @star,

We are not facing such slowness with rtMedia or InspiBook theme, can you please once check with query monitor plugin.

As you already have purchased the premium theme, I suggest you to use premium support.

Thank you.