rtMedia: Facebook share/like and other social buttons in your demo

Hello, I am very interested in rtMedia. A key requirement in my project is social media buttons on uploaded images. I see in your demo, when a photo is clicked it launches the facebook-style light box with comments and a nice row of social media buttons on the right. However, I have not found this feature to be included with the free download that I have installed. Is this an unlisted Pro feature? Is it another plugin? If so which one?

Additionally, I wish to change the change the button that says “Media” when view your buddypress profile, to something else. Is this possible?

Thank you!

Hi @Dan_Braun,

Please check this support link -> Using rtSocial with rtMedia. Single image in light box not being shared as expected of yours with the same question.

There are some set of defined constants which are used in rtMedia to show as label, you can check them here -> http://docs.rtcamp.com/rtmedia/developer/rtmedia-defined-constants/

To change label from “Media” to some other value, you need to define RTMEDIA_MEDIA_LABEL constant in wp-config.php file.