Using rtSocial with rtMedia. Single image in light box not being shared as expected

In the rtMedia demo site, it appears that rtSocial is being used in the lightboxed,single view of images. The facebook like button on the demo, for example, correctly shares the image in that light box. However, using rtSocial template tags, I too added these rtSocal buttons to the my light boxes. However, in my case, using Facebook as an example again, clicking the “Like” button only shares the URL of the page from which the photo was view, and not the photo itself (like it works on the rtMedia demo site). This also appears to be the case with the other social buttons. Pinterest, for example, works correctly on the demo site, sharing the picture in the light box. On my site though, it doesn’t load the image at all when sharing.

How do I get this to work like on the demo site? Thank you!

Hello, any feedback on this issue would be greatly appreciated. It is an important aspect of our project. If this simply can’t be done with rtSocial, please let me know. If there is another direction I should look, please let me know.

Thank you!

Hi Dan,

On rtMedia’s demo site, those buttons are coming from rtMedia Pro plugin -> addon of rtMedia in which we have added support for rtSocial.

Ahhh. OK, thank you!