Oops !! There's no media found for the request !!

After updating to the latest version of bp and rtmedia on multi site I get this error:

Oops !! There’s no media found for the request !!

The media shows up in the groups but not in the media tab the count is “0”

Any suggestions?

Thanks Guys.

Hi @Snow,

We checked for the same issue at our end (with BuddyPress 1.9 and rtMedia and it seems to be working fine here.

Could you please provide us your website URL and credentials, so that we can check for the same issue.

You can send your details to my E-mail id : abhishek.kaushik(at)rtcamp.com

Hi @Snow,

Thank you for providing website URL and credentials.

We are looking into the issue and will reply you with resolution ASAP.

Thank you for looking into this, Let me know if there’s anything else you need.

@snowexposure, as per our conversation over the mail, this issue has been fixed.

Hi Guys, can you share what the fix was? because i am having the same issue since update. I also noticed i get the same issue when looking at your photos page on your site


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The issue was related to my multisite installation.

I didn’t have the correct blog_id in wp_rt_rtm_media

This would only fix your issue if you have recently completed a multisite install.


Can you give more detail regarding the issue you are facing?
Regarding “I also noticed i get the same issue when looking at your photos page on your site”, can you give the link you had visited?

I am also receiving the same issue after upgrading to the newest version of rtmedia.

It looks like all of the images are pointing to members or elsewhere.

My website is www.lastingtree.com. How can I get help? Thanks,


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Can you give more detail regarding the issue you are facing.

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Have you updated rtMedia with latest version?

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I'm having the same problem...I have a multisite install if that makes a difference, no media is showing under the media tab

@tduschei, So you trying to say in current version also, after upload, context getting set is 'bp_member'. Can you give more detail from where you trying to upload and this context is getting set?

@joshua-repensek, Does it work previously? Please check blog_id value in {wp_base_prefix}_rt_rtm_media ( will look like '_rt_rtm_media') table in database. Also check what value getting stored in that column after new upload.

I’m having the same problem that @joshua-repensek, (multisite, and "Oops !! There's no media found for the request !! ) blog_id value looks like this in capture:

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This problem in the past was not. with free rtMedia 3.0.4 . Now I use rtmedia-pro-v2.0.1.

When I upload picture in Activity Stream, everything works - picture appear in users profile. But if I add a picture in Album, the picture thumbnails appears in the gallery, but does not open big picture - only "Oops! There's the media ...

I complied with those instructions, but nothing changes - https://rtcamp.com/rtmedia/docs/developer/templating-system/theme-media-tab/ https://rtcamp.com/rtmedia/docs/developer/templating-system/

Yes - all working with Rtpanel, but not on my themes ...

Site URL http://localhost/ PHP 5.3.4 MYSQL 5.1.53 WordPress 3.8.1 BuddyPress 1.9.2-7798 rtMedia 3.6.3 OS WINNT Imagick Not Installed GD bundled (2.0.34 compatible) [php.ini] post_max_size 8M [php.ini] upload_max_filesize 5M [php.ini] memory_limit 256M Installed Plugins bbPress by The bbPress Community version 2.5.3, rtMedia for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress by rtCamp version 3.6.3, Polldaddy Polls & Ratings by Automattic, Inc. version 2.0.21 Theme Name opinions Theme Version 0.6 Author URL http://www.gabfirethemes.com Template Overrides themes/_opinions/rtmedia/media/album-gallery-item.php, themes/_opinions/rtmedia/media/album-gallery.php, themes/_opinions/rtmedia/media/album-single-edit.php, themes/_opinions/rtmedia/media/media-gallery-item.php, themes/_opinions/rtmedia/media/media-gallery.php, themes/_opinions/rtmedia/media/media-single-edit.php, themes/_opinions/rtmedia/media/media-single.php, C:\wamp\www\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\buddypress-media/templates/media/uploader.php Total Albums 1 Total Photos 2

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@juriss, looks like you are working on local system. Can you give URL to your live site on where we can debug the issue?

I do not want to put unready site on the internet. But if are not other options.. It will take time for me, live site i can create only after a few weeks.

I am having similar issues. When I updated rtMedia PRO 2.1 I get the following message:

'Destination folder already exists. /usr/local/www/wordpress_dev/wp-content/plugins/rtmedia-pro/

Plugin install failed.'

Then it completely deleted the old version from my dashboard.

Is there a way to fix this?

Thank you,


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