Not able to install Adminer



I am using UBUNTO 14.04 Distro and whenever I try to install Adminer I am getting this error “Unable to download file, /var/www/22222/htdocs/db/adminer/index.php”

Could you please help me in this? I did try to access admin tools via 22222 port and nothing was there


Please see this thread: Adminer not downloaded


Hi tyrro,

Thanks for the link. Can you help me to install adminer manually?


If you install it manually you won’t be able to update it in the future. My suggestion is to wait until EE team release update with fixed update link.

And why do you need a new version in the first place unless you require some unique feature only available in the latest version?



I don’t had any idea that I can’t update adminer manually, I just wanted to try Adminer over phpmyadmin. Now I am going to user phpmyadmin and waiting further instructions from easyengine for adminer.

Anyways, thanks for the information


Of course you can update it manually, I just cautioned you to be aware that after that it may not work with regular EE update command. You can try both Adminer and phpMyAdmin - they are both available for you.


Update ee το 3.6.2 and Υou will be able to install adminer



Thanks for letting me know!


adminer is a single php file, not much to install.