Adminer not downloaded


I start install ee stack:

ee stack install

then have this error

Downloading Adminer Unable to download file, /var/www/22222/htdocs/db/adminer/index.php

Please help.

Not able to install Adminer

This is not problem from easyengine but from adminer Wait for a while maybe later will fix that problem (I have the same problem also)


@kid1810 As @proteus said, this is not an EasyEngine issue, rather it’s from adminer itself. The download link for the adminer version we were using has been removed and hence the error. A hotfix will be released soon with the updated download link.


So what’s the consensus on Adminer since 3.6.2. I’ve been searching every doc and forum and still can’t find out how to access it even though I did the “ee stack install --adminer” and it says everything is installed. I’ve restarted all stacks as well.

Is there any current documentation on how to install, what link to access the tool with or anything else I may be missing?



Try upgrading EE to latest 3.7.0 and then do

sudo ee stack remove --adminer

sudo ee stack install --adminer

You will have the latest 4.2.5 version installed.


Thank you for the pointers and though I already had ee 3.7.0 installed and did the stack remove/install, what I realized I was missing was to run the ee stack install --admin piece of the puzzle. Now I have ALL tools under domain:22222 and they all seem to work well.

Would still love to see a unified dashboard or web interface to control all admin tools, though I know this is not a high priority given EE is a free tool. I would, however, gladly and quickly pay for a tool that did this - especially if it had insights into error logs and point me to how to resolve them, or directly share the error(s) with trusted support staff. @rahul286 … does a paid solution such as this sound like a possibility?

Either way, thanks again for your help!


Thanks for the tip! I wasn’t able to access adminer because it was not installed under /22222/htdocs/db directory… That really helped me out!