Having an issue again with an issue from the past again. Main site and sub sites are not showing any images except images uploaded from its own site not from subs in activity streams.Same type of issue from before. View below topic.

Just wondering if anyone is having the same issue. This is a new install, nothing activated. When Clicked on the image link in activity stream. The images shows in the light box but not within the activity stream itself. Just the image link

Hello @zabrinapapin,

Please, once try using the same code like this:

function rtmedia_buddypress_mu_enabled() {
    return true;
add_filter( 'replace_aws_img_urls_from_activities', 'rtmedia_buddypress_mu_enabled' ); 

Let us know if this helps you. Thanks.

Thank you, its working. :grinning:

You are welcome.

I am closing this thread for now.