Multisite Issues again

Activity Stream/Multisite - Not Network Activated

Main site Is showing images in Activity Stream, But sub site Is not showing images when posted from Activity Stream nor the Media Gallery upload, It will not show in the activity stream - I just get the title of the image in the activity stream in the sub site. If posted in the activity stream on the subsite they are going to media gallery and they are going in the Media Gallery if uploaded through Media Gallery. Just the image is not showing in the activity stream of the subsite. Main Site all works well. To some it all up, images are not showing in the activity stream of my subsite :slight_smile: LOL. This is on a fresh install.

Subsite Activity Stream image.

Its works well in Version 4.1.5 . Update seems to do something.

Hi @zabrinapapin,

This is Mangesh form rtMedia team.

First of all sorry for the inconvenience caused. To solve the issue you are facing you can add the following filter/function in your themes functions.php file :

add_filter( 'replace_aws_img_urls_from_activity', function(){ return true; } );

this will solve your problem. In next version we will fix this issue. I will notify you when we release the next version with the fix for this issue.

Thanks, Mangesh

Thankyou very much, You guys are the best :slight_smile:

You are welcome @zabrinapapin,

We are closing this thread for now. Feel free to create new if you have any doubts.

Thank you.