Monitor bandwidth and connections per vhost

Hi, I’ve been searching for a good tool to monitor how much bandwidth each website is using each month on my server running nginx & ee. It would also be nice to view other metrics as well.

Here’s a few tools I’ve found:

Has anybody ever used these before?

Also, does anybody have any recommendations for other tools?

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These both look great. Luameter is $10. the nginx vts module seems just as useful. I think this would be a great addition to the admin tools ee provides. I am all for building out the admin tools section.

I agree! Bandwidth and access monitoring for each vhost (in a single-page overview) would be a very nice admin tool to have built into ee.

So I bought and installed Luameter, but it required the “nginx-extras” package - which I installed. However, after doing that I am getting an error when I do “ee site create …”.

The error message is no help at all:

Oops Something went wrong!! Check logs for reason tail /var/log/ee/ee.log & Try Again!!!

And to make matters worse, neither is ee.log

Any ideas of how I can get my customized NGNIX to work?

sudo ee site create --wpfc
Adding repository for NGINX, please wait...
Updating apt-cache, please wait...
Oops Something went wrong!!
Check logs for reason `tail /var/log/ee/ee.log` & Try Again!!!

Response for sudo ee stack status:

Nginx is not installed
php5-fpm  :  Running
mysql     :  Running
postfix   :  Running
hhvm      :  Running

UPDATE: I (somehow) solved the issue and posted it here: EE can't see custom NGINX (nginx-extras)

Update 2: I got Luameter working on my EE install! I posted how to do it here: How to install Luameter for EasyEngine

Update 3: EasyEngine installs NGINX with the lua module already, so I didn’t need to install “nginx-extras”. I should have checked that first. Sigh… lol.

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