Make all photos the same width

I set the photo size to 600 width x 600 height uncropped. When people upload photos that are 400 width, they don’t get expanded to 600 width and it causes the photos to have different widths and it looks bad. Is there anyway to change this?

Hello @mayzfieldtv,

There is not any direct option available to stretch the media to a defined size. However, you can do that using the custom CSS code ( the image may look little blurry ). Can you specify where you want to make this change ( under BuddyPress activity stream or media tab )?


I would like to do this for the buddypress activity stream. Thank you.


I have a similar problem that I described at this link Media size settings don’t work. The display problem occurs in buddypress activity. Having not found a solution I’m trying to modify the size using my custom CSS but I can not make any changes. Would you be so kind to give me some further indication, perhaps with an example of css code?