Main page loads VERY slowly with thumbnails (fine without)


I really love the rtPanel theme so many thanks first up.

The only issue I'm having is that when I'm using thumbnails on the main page (which I need to), the load time is very slow (around 20 seconds!!). I tried everything I knew and then realised that when I disabled thumbnails in the "Post & Comments" settings, the page would load instantly.

And yes all my thumbnails have been regenerated etc.

The individual posts load very quickly, so this issue only applies to the main page.

The site is:

I'm running version 2.2.3 of rtPanel.

I would really appreciate if someone can help me with this.

Thanks in advance,



There seem to be server issue:

See timeline report here -

You may need to tweak your server as explained in this thread -

This is certainly apache/php issue.

Hi there,

I have the same problem after upgrading to WP 3.5!

The site is:

It loads very slow....

In WP 3.4.2 it worked all good....



Hi soulgood,

If you know how to use firebug in firefox and/or the developer console in chrome/safari and/or dragonfly on opera, you'll notice 3 things

  1. The largest file loaded on your page is the shareoholic sprite. I don't see it visible anywhere, I don't know why it's loading.
  2. The slowest request, only loaded on your homepage, takes 524ms (the sole reason for the slowness) and it is this:
  3. This request is loaded in your header and the whole page stops until it is loaded. Now it doesn't return anything. So, you'd only know, what it's doing there.

I guess you can figure the rest out.



I deactivated the Shareaholic plugin, but it's still the same...

I don't get it...



Your homepage loads in 274 ms, which is actually pretty fast. However, between the request and the response, there is a good 7.49s wait. This could have something to do with your server, because everything is the same between the home page and any inner pages.

The best confirmation would be to switch to a default wordpress theme (2010, 2011 or 2012). If things change drastically, especially on the metric shown in the screenshot, then we could put the blame on rtPanel and we'll examine it in detail. (There will be a slight improvement because the default theme won't load the thumbnails).

Do check that and let us know.


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O.k. check! No waiting time now... (I'll keep this theme up for 15 minutes...)


Thanks for the check. This is interesting. We haven't experience this before. Give us time to introspect a bit. Another question for you, meanwhile: have you directly modified rtPanel or have you created a child theme?

Also, could you send the modified theme to saurabh dot shukla at rtcamp dot com.


And could you switch back to rtPanel. So, we could compare and contrast with some test installs.

O.k. did it...


Our developers are introspecting. We might take upto 48 hours to revert. Meanwhile, since we couldn't see this on any of our installs, could you try the following:

Disable all the plugins, one by one and check the results after each disabling. Just to rule out if any plugins could be responsible for it.


Actually, that was the first thing I did... Before contacting you guys....

So no solution there...

Good luck!



Could you also send us the modified theme, as I had mentioned earlier? We're just curious if any modifications are increasing the database queries.

We're still looking, haven't found anything yet. And just need the theme to rule out everything else.


There are minor (or none) changes made to it as far as I know...

But here you go...

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I am the chief developer of rtPanel. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Looks like there seems to be some issue with rtPanel that we can't reproduce on our servers.

My doubt goes on the thumbnail logic of rtPanel. To make it easier for us to fix this, could you do the following one after the other.

  1. Send us your PHP error log.
  2. Refresh the homepage and then check your Media Library to see if an extra image is being generated or not.
  3. Disable the thumbnails using the rtPanel Options and see whether it makes a difference to the page load.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Apologies once again.


Hi Joshua,

PHP error log? (Where do I find it?)

> Refresh the homepage and then check your Media Library to see if an > extra image is being generated or not.

??? Wich media library, in WP or on the FTP? I see nothing being generated...

> Disable the thumbnails using the rtPanel Options and see whether it > makes a difference to the page load.

I disabled 'em now, yeah it makes the difference... 'cause that's probably where the problem is...



Alright. You are saying that no extra images are being generated too. If extra images were being generated on every refresh then we could pin point the exact cause of the problem.

Let me see if I can find something in your error logs. The following link explains how you can find your PHP Error Log ->


databases and all that is not my thing, I don't understand where to find the error log. I work on an Mac, do I look in phpmyadmin? Or in FTP?

You need to look through SSH (if available) or FTP. There should be a file on your server named error.log or error_log.

Can't find it... See my FTP directory...

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