Local development with vagrant and ee

Just starting to use EasyEngine and love it to death. In the past I’ve used Vagrant/VVV for local development and Wordmove to deploy to staging/production.

Because Vagrant is so lovely for replicating server environments for local development, it no longer makes sense for me to use VVV and then push to an EasyEngine provisioned server.

What are you all using for local development? Can anyone recommend a good Vagrant 14.04 box? Am I barking up the right tree?


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To use EasyEngine with Vagrant, this link will surely help you:

Note: This box is using Ubuntu 12.04 by default. You can use 14.04 by Changing config.vm.box = "ubuntu/precise32" to config.vm.box = "ubuntu/trusty" in Vagrantfile

As you are using Vagrant box for development purpose, you can add following line to your Vagrant file, so that you can access /var/www of Vagrant box from your machine at dev/ location

config.vm.synced_folder "dev/", "/var/www", owner: "root", group: "root" 

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