License Key for rtMedia Pro Not Activating

I upgraded today to the latest rtmedia/rtmedia pro. As usual, changes not expected can create some confusion. It said to activate rtMedia Pro because it’s not active anymore as it now requires a license key.

I logged in here, and copied my license key and my email address from the rtcamp dashboard, and clicked Activate.

The plugin still shows as deactivated.

I’ve downgraded to the old rtMedia/rtMedia Pro until it can be fixed. Let me know if I’ve done something incorrectly, or if there’s a bug or whatever.

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Confirm this issue the license input refuses to save the information when entered clears form on saving but fails to register please advise


I am from rtMedia team.

First we apologise for inconvenience you are facing.

We are working on the license key activation issue.

Please note that, rtMedia-PRO or any rtMedia-addon will always work without license key. License-key doesn’t add or remove any feature.

License-key is needed only to get automatic upgrades. We are not restricting any future upgrades as long as activation issue is solved.

If you are facing any other issues, not related to license-key, please create a separate thread and we will look into them right away.

Also, feel free to ask any more details you may need.


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Same problem here… Cheers, Tibor

@tibor1980 2 questions:

  1. Which version of rtMedia-PRO you are using? It must be 2.5.6 (lates).
  2. Are you using WordPress multisite?

Also, please log into - (to download latest rtMedia-PRO version and correct API key)

Wow Rahul, quick reply, thanks!

  1. 2.5.6 (latest version)
  2. no.

Since I’ve updated to the latest version, I get a warning message: “The rtMedia PRO License Key has not been activated, so the plugin is inactive! Click here to activate the license key and the plugin.”

And when I enter the correct License Key and email, and click “activate”, all fields are cleared but nothing happens…



Please check private message I have sent you.

@rahul286 – I upgraded to 2.5.6 from my account dashboard, entered my license key and license email address, and it does not activate still. I am not using MultiSite, just a normal standard WordPress 4.0 installation.


Hi Ben,

Try deactivating and activating the plugin once and give it another try if that didn’t work, try saving key again 2-3 times. It all depend on network as the key get authenticated from our server and throws the response back whether it’s valid or not.

Hi @riteshpatel – Deactivating the plugin, reactivating the plugin, and entering the license key is a SUCCESS. Thank you. :wink:

having same problem here too thanks.

@TracyRenee Please check

We have create a special documentation page for license related information.

Just to add - Had same problem after updating just now to Version 3.7.12 rtMedia. Pro plugin licence became deactivated and would not reactivate even with proper licence info. Had to deactivate the rtMedia Pro plugin, reactivate it and then it took the licence info properly.

@raytronx thanks for sharing your feedback. :smile:

We are debugging WooCommerce addon libraries to eliminate extra deactivate/activate step.

I have the same problem but the deactivate and activate don´t help.