Is EE abandoned?

Hi there, I personally know how hard it is to keep any non-commercial project running, but I’d like to hear from EE admins - is EE abandoned? There’s nothing worse than locking “Open Source” in one company and not communicate a single thing about whether that company decided to abandon the project.
There are no updates for nearly 6 months and there’s a significant list of bugs that makes EEv4 unfortunately not usable for serious projects.
Github for EE is dead and so is the blog so I wonder whether rtCamp decided to abandon EE? If so can they please do a callout in the community for someone to take it over?

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I have been watching the EE project for several years. Long spans of silence have happened before. Personally I tried, but could not continue using EE after the v4 transition and have moved to WordOps which has a vibrant community and is getting work done. I wish the EE team all the best and hope they come up with something good enough to bring me back.

I have been spending my dev time on WordOps backups, but still have the range from EE3-4 & WordOps. You can still get my tools here:

Same here, I feel EE did it’s path, which was a great path actually.
I also moved to WordOps a while ago and I’m really happy with what it became and the active community.

Agreed - WordOps is the way to go. EE was decent and functional in v3, and majorly shot themselves in the foot (or rather, shot their foot off) with every decision about v4, and it’s outcomes. EE v4 is a veritable fiasco, from a production point of view, and I have left it behind and switched to WordOps - vibrant community, responsive support, solid product geared towards the needs of its users.

Everyone with personal preferences. I tried WordOps. didn’t work for me.
EE4 is better, just difficult to work with it if you need some customization.

EE is super easy to work with if you follow its rules and use it as it is. Everything else is not easy. However, wordops, pulled all the problems from v3.
EE4 doesn’t need regular updates, all you have to do is to keep your os updated for security reasons.
EE just need few tutorials more on how to do things manually.
But hey ee4 can also be forked.

Recently I stumbled on problems with Redis, not just on ee, but on Serverpilot too, tested it on Ploi, and , the same problems. This is the only why I miss ee v3, where I could use Memcached for object cache which doesn’t have problems with WordPress, unlike Redis.

HOW is EE4 better?

Your entire reply was basically, “except for all these issues, problems, and lack of proper documentation, EE4 is great!” - yet you haven’t actually qualified that at all.

At the simplest level, the limit to 25 websites per EE installation was the most glaring dealbreaker for me - that’s not counting all the other reported problems.

WordOps did it right.

How is e4 better has already been discussed before. If you think wordops is better, that’s great. I don’t think it is, where I have my own reasons.

If you been checking the forum, the 25 limit is not fixed. It is also an old topic. As I said it: “Everyone with personal preferences.”

Yup I left cause of that, that’s why I made and coded my own Docker stack. The fix is really simple too but I haven’t had time to apply it on my stack. The fix is to use subnets when creating new Docker networks. For now, all sites are in the same Docker network.

Why reiterate something that I had just given as an initial dealbreaker, and then repeat it again?
I know that the 25 sites limit is NOT fixed, and that is why I left EE4 behind. It’s completely irrelevant that it’s an old topic - in fact, that makes it worse, that something that is critical for many installations still isn’t fixed (especially when it could have been fixed by now).

Buh bye EasyEngine!

I feel like you are stressed for some reason. Relax.
You said that 25 limit was a dealbreaker for you. But you did not say anything that you know that the limit can be removed. Whatever.

ZinkDifferent thought you meant “not fixed” as in “still broken”, but I think you actually meant “not fixed” as in “it is possible to increase it”.

:slight_smile: Correct.

So the question still stands… is EE abandoned or there are plans for the future? Can any of the admins help us out with this question?

The answer on this question has been answered before. No, it is not abandoned.
If people would read more the forum and RT Camp statements, ‘the’ would know that it is not abandoned. The only problem is lack of staff working on it. Their business is by big part based on ee. Last update was their plugin 2 months ago, for ee. + everything works. Too many are just too ignorant.

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glad to hear that ee4 isnt abandoned. For me ee4 works well, it creates https for me fast and with docker it get container/website up fast and some manual modify to bridge them together i dont have to go through lengthy scripts to setup https. ofc 25 or 27 containers is a limit, but imho if needed then with clustering of 2 or more docker machines one will get 25*number of docker machines. at this moment i still have nothing to complain about eev4, great work so far.

Unfortunately I won’t agree with you. I made this post a month ago before going for holidays hoping that when I’m back there will be any support from RTCamp for EE. Unfortunately it seems to me that EE is abandoned.
Here’s why.
The last update of EE was 6 months ago. Since then the last response to any Github issue from contributors was in June (over 4 months ago). I can’t see any response from any contributor on the forum, Git or any update on the blog. It seems to me that RTCamp after becoming VIP partner got so busy that they abandoned their work for any serious Open Source products. It’s a shame comparing to companies that grew on Open Source as well like Human Made, 10up or XWP that continuously provide input to the community.
The worst part is a couple of serious issues that EE has out of the box (other than over 70 other bugs reported on Github). One having no control over logs from EE which is going to hit hard every EE user very soon because every website has different logs, docker container doesn’t limit them and they grow very quickly. Now this might not be a quick problem but wait a few months and 40GB of logs won’t be anything unusual. The second, less worrying but still a serious bug, is that EE has not correctly configured email docker (with DNS screwed up between docker and email client) making it impossible for a docker to send emails to its own domain. This is still a serious issue because less savvy users won’t figure out that they’re not getting emails from their own website until they get some email plugin like Mailgun or WP SMTP.

Now, with that settled.
Did anyone see any migration tool from EE to WordOps? I’m planning to move all of our servers away from EE during Christmas break and would be awesome if there’s some helpful script around.

mariadb logs is a very, very, big problem they need to fix this A.S.A.P
before its to late… please update ee v4.0.15

  • only 4 months ago.
  • plugin update for ee was 2 months ago.
  • v3 wasn’t updated for over a year once - you should read more about it if you are new (I am new to ee and look what I already know about it: its history)
  • they don’t have the man power
  • they don’t offer support

“If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire: The A-Team.”

:man_facepalming: sometimes when you have nothing good to say, it’s just better to say nothing… I’m sure they have their own representatives to voice their position, they don’t need you (surely knowing little about the situation) to defend them

Right after doing a new installation I saw this post!
I was frustrated, I already passed because here several times asking for help and no one contacted to help me.
So after seeing this post I think that’s right EE is unfortunately dead.

Save who you can!