Is EE abandoned?

Yes this is a huge problem i experienced… log files growing so fast that my server ran out of space which caused all my websites to stop working, all SSL certificates were f*cked, ioncube scripts alarmed the developers which locked me out of their scripts etc… many problems.

I have placed the cronjobs to empty my logs every once in a while because i dont see any other solution at the moment.

Would you be able to share your cron script with the community?
I’m out of EE but I’m sure a few people would appreciate help with clearing their logs

You can follow this guide :

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EasyEngine was supposed to be EASY, and that is all.
Maybe it is still a good tool for some applications, but it’s not simple and easy as it was before. This is the simple reason I migrated everything to WordOps.

Cool that you speak. I not test the wordops. i have 2 site work im mode production. If is how you talk that the wordops need very upgrade. Not is necessery for me. i am use the EE 4 with the he have. nothing custom. I am use wordpress. if necessry plugin cache and SEO. with SSL that i have problems for renew but i solved. nothing very hard. and i am use now cloudflare flexible is possible. i need just more options for ssl and other services but that is not very necessery how the email. per example. Bye bye! And thx for opinion.

WordOps has some issues, especially in customizations during setup. However, they’ve managed to build a reasonable following, a responsive community and they stay on top of supporting problems.

While rtCamp seems to have basically abandoned EEv4 (at least from the community side), WordOps development and usage continues and their community continues to grow.