Installing Wordpress On A Domain That Was Already Added Via EasyEngine


When I try to install wordpress using the command line I found on the EasyEngine page I get this error: already exist, exit status = 1

How do I install wordpress on this domain if the domain was already added.


It seems that you have already created website for domain


Yes, but I want to install wordpress on it. How?


Can I delete the domain from easyengine and re-add the domain as a wordpress site?


Do you want to delete entire site(webroot and database) with this domain??


Yes, everything for this domain, which is not the first domain. I want to start again and make it a wordpress domain.


Then you can use ee site delete refer this for detail explaination.


I deleted it and created a new domain with wordpress installed but when i go to the doman i get 404 error.


I guess this post is same as

Please, avoid creating duplicate support requests, as it leads for confusion. closing above topic.