Visiting Domain Is 404 Not Found Error


When I go to my site it doesn’t exist. I have the nameserver as NS1.DIGITALOCEAN.COM. is the . at the end messing it up?

Installing Wordpress On A Domain That Was Already Added Via EasyEngine


Its seems like you don’t updated DNS properly Refer this:

  1. When I go to I get:

This webpage is not available

  1. When I go to I get:

403 Forbidden


  1. When I go to httpS:// I get:

This webpage is not available


Provide us output for these commands

cat /var/www/*.log
ee site show

  1. for cat /var/www/*.log…

cat: /var/www/ No such file or directory cat: /var/www/ No such file or directory

  1. for

Display NGINX configuration for


server {


    access_log   /var/log/nginx/ rt_cache;
    error_log    /var/log/nginx/;

    root /var/www/;
    index index.php index.htm index.html;

    include common/php.conf;
    include common/locations.conf;



Cross check DNS is properly updated 403 Forbidden

cd /var/www/

Make sure index.php file present

Did you setup ssl and configure Nginx to accept 443 (ssl/https) request?


I don’t have a SSL. I don’t need one. But that’s the page it goes to.

You want me to type in “cd /var/www/”?

I don’t have an index.php page. Why does it have to be index and be .php?


Deleted the droplet and set up a new one. When I use easyengine to set-up the domain to use WP on i get "[ Wed Aug 27 08:25:33 EDT 2014 ] WP-CLI not found, exit status = 127 "


I tried a different domain…

“root@Lifeline:~# ee site create --mysql Creating, please wait… /usr/local/lib/easyengine/modules/site/create/ line 10: /etc/nginx/sites-available/ No such file or directory [ Wed Aug 27 08:28:19 EDT 2014 ] Unable to create NGINX configuration file for, exit status = 1”


Did you use ee stack install command?


yes, but i will try it again. maybe my connection dropped?


@ozgression First read EasyEngine Documetion Seems like you are creating website without installing required packages


Ok added the domain successfully. Now I see a message:

“You have mail in /var/mail/root”

what does that mean?


Not related to EasyEngine its related to your operating system. Refer:


I still don’t see the site when I type in the domain in my browser. The folder for the site is visible in my FTP program, but I can’t go to the site in my browser.


Did you created index.php file inside your webroot?




give us your website name and access to your server. Let us look into this.


I sent the url in a private message.



You updated DNS for only You have to update your DNS for also

This instruction alredy given by @miteshshah I’m closing this issue as you don’t follow the steps and ask for the support without actually cross-check and do necessory settings.

To Fix your issue UPDATE DNS for www.