Increase downloadable video


How do i increase the file size and speed of the video that can be downloaded by the user in their profile? Right now its set at 32mb and thats not really big since its usually just about 30 sec long. Also im planning to get the bb press attachments plugin so my users can comment with a video. But how big of a file size video would they be able to do per upload? Please help thank you


Hello @talentcosmo,

Please refer to the related thread here - Change upload size

I hope this will help you.

Thank you.


i have 128MB limit and i can upload the video easily but It’s not shown in Album or in video section in frontend but if I upload file with size limit of 32MB then i can see it in Media section in frontend, pls help… thank you


Hello @talentcosmo,

Could you please once confirm that the issue still exists if you deactivate other plugins and activate any default theme of WordPress? This way we can debug the issue and can get closer to the cause.

Please let us know if you are still experiencing such issue.

Thank you.


Yes to the plugins and yes to the theme. The theme has not been deactivated anyway since i didnt switch the theme.


Hello @talentcosmo,

We have sent you a private reply regarding your query.

Thank you.