How to install Letsencrypt for domains on WP Multisite (subdom)?



I’ve just installed a WP multisite with Letsencrypt.
sudo ee site create --type=wp --mu=subdom --cache --ssl=le --wildcard

Then I created a new site ( in WP multisite and added DNS records to the server IP. The new site works on HTTP.

How do I install Letsencrypt for so it only works with HTTPS?

Muchas gracias!


+1 to that.

Could not find a command to install just the Let’s Encrypt to, tried some hacks, put to no avail.



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@patric @Thiago_Censi @Endda Checkout my reply on this thread - EasyEngine 4 : multisite, every site with own domain and letsencrypt enabled


That’s great news. Thanks!


so, I must wait 4.1 :frowning:
Any ETA?


@unicom It might take ~1-2 week for this feature.


if just 1-2 weeks would be awesome

hopefully will get site update command with 4.1

will buy everyone virtual beer!!!