EasyEngine 4 : multisite, every site with own domain and letsencrypt enabled


Hello guys

Just dived in for the first time on easyengine4
now a lot of things are unclear , havent seen so many tutorials on the matter

I am interested in creating a wordpress multisite but i need to have an domain for every subsite


and i need ssl certificate for every domain so letsencyrpt is a must

now…what would be the best approach in this matter ?

Thank you guys for the input


Hey @KeyserSoze,

To do what you just describe, EE team will be introducing a feature called alias domains. You can keep track of this issue here.

Once this feature is added, it will be very easy to do it. However, until then, it is not possible to do what you just described.

How to install Letsencrypt for domains on WP Multisite (subdom)?