EasyEngine 4 : multisite, every site with own domain and letsencrypt enabled

Hello guys

Just dived in for the first time on easyengine4
now a lot of things are unclear , havent seen so many tutorials on the matter

I am interested in creating a wordpress multisite but i need to have an domain for every subsite


and i need ssl certificate for every domain so letsencyrpt is a must

now…what would be the best approach in this matter ?

Thank you guys for the input

Hey @KeyserSoze,

To do what you just describe, EE team will be introducing a feature called alias domains. You can keep track of this issue here.

Once this feature is added, it will be very easy to do it. However, until then, it is not possible to do what you just described.

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domain aliases failed to arrive to the new release

this is quite important due to docker limitation

do you think we will have a better luck with the next release ?

How about if you run multisite on sub directory (not subdomains) and then use WordPress MU Domain Mapping. You can have the EE LE SSL on the domain for the multisite, and then use Cloudflare Flex SSL for the individual domains. Shouldn’t that do the trick?

i guess i could make some alteration as i do now on v3
but i would scratch again in the wrong way
domain alias is a natural concept for the web, and specially for wordpress multisite

i grew old waiting for addon domains, parked domains, alias domains or whatever you want to call them
having this said : good bye guys, i am moving to webinoly

Thank you all for your patience, alias domains has been added in v4.1. :slight_smile: