How to add PHP module to EE site

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EE is a great tool for running such stuff like wordpress. But it may become a nightmare for people like me who not familiar with docker stuff to run smth else.

My composer project requires pdo_mysql module and list of preinstalled php modules obviously is missing it. May be someone more experienced with docker can tell how to add it?

Needless to say that I installed that module as sudo on my vps but didn’t change anything :smile:
Now I got it - must to run ee shell mydomain and run composer there, right? And there is no pdo_mysql module :robot:

Hey @Solaris, I have created a PR in easyengine dockerfiles repo which will add support for pdo_mysql :slight_smile:

You’ll have to wait for it to merge. I think it will get merged soon and it will be available in next release itself!

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Till the PR is reviewed and merged. You can apply a temporary fix as mentioned in this GH issue like:

ee shell --command='docker-php-ext-install pdo_mysql' --user=root

This will install pdo_mysql extension.


Great news, guys! Thanks a lot.

Incase you apply the temporary fix mentioned by @mrrobot47 , just remember it will get undone when you enable/disable the site or admin tools on the site. In that case, you’ll have to run the command again.

Yeah, I red discussion on github and would keep it in mind waiting for new release.

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