Good Bye Easyengine! Thanks for services with V3 and V4 is a crap!

Good Bye Easyengine! Thanks for services with V3 and V4 is a crap!

I’m going with paid options as long term projects cannot be done with V4.

Everything is screwed up and even easyengine experts say they won’t support v4!

no proper documentations and databases impaired and sites getting impaired and not showing up is a lot of a problem!

I assume before your rant you went on the Github repository and submitted issues for the complaints you have? I assume this because your rant literally meant nothing without any details of why you are upset. I am not saying your issues with EEv4 aren’t justified… because I can’t since you never listed a single one.

What exactly can’t you do with EEv4?

How is everything screwed up? Plenty of people here are good with EE and would be more than willing to help you.

EE Experts unwilling to help with EEv4… sorry, did you just try to tell us that someone with knowledge of EE turned down money because you were using EEv4? Who are they? You went to this list and couldn’t find anyone to assist you?

No proper documentation?! Have you ever looked? There is plenty of information. Hell, they even separated it from the old v3 stuff. What exactly is it that you are looking for in the documentation that isn’t there?

Both of these are listed on the top navigation and the footer. Not hard to find.

Vague complaints are useless to everyone, including yourself. I even went back to see if you had a bunch of posts with questions about EEv4… one post about a PHP site? I do see you didn’t get an answer. Did you check the log, did you post the log details? Without that how is anyone able to assist you?

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That being said, if you are looking for an alternative that seems to be growing in popularity you can go with WordOps. It is a fork for EEv3 with a lot of updates and features.

I don’t want to increase negative comments, but unfortunately I have this same feeling.
For years I used V3 on servers to create small client sites. I could not contribute financially to the project because the websites I kept badly paid my coffee.
Due to lack of time, I used less and less EE, until only 1 site was left and, after almost a year of the launch of V4, I decided to migrate, leaving V3. And everything, absolutely EVERYTHING, went wrong.

  • The migration script has failed (I described everything so far without an answer).
  • The old server (V3) was updated incorrectly (to V4), missing packages (PHP 7.2) and so almost all commands do not work.
  • When creating a new server, doing a manual migration, everything was slow (very, very small site).
  • When restarting the V4 server, everything goes down. Yes, there is an open issue on GitHub for this. There are several ways to try to solve it, but in some cases nothing works (mine included)
    I spent several hours trying to solve these problems, until I gave up, I realized that EE V4 is not mature enough and the community is getting weaker.

I takes less time to create a fresh server than to update v3 to v4 and spend time on checking and hoping everything is ok.
If you need to migrate 1 site, it takes maybe 5 or 10 minutes to migrate everything without ee scripts or w/e.
Problems do appear if you upgrade from v3 to v4. I see you spent lots of time on describing the issues, and reporting on github :slight_smile: , but as I said: it takes far less time to create a fresh server and migrate things on your own then to do all that you did.