Migration V3 to V4 to new server not working

I followed all the steps to migrate my sites on a V3 server to a new one where I installed V4.
On the OLD server, I ran tmux and used the following code:
./migrate.sh --dry-run --remote-host=<v4-server-ip> --all
I didn’t get any messages asking for confirmations, the process was fully automatic.

However, what he did was migrate my sites to the same server and not to the new server.
Now, when executing the code below, I have the following message:

root@servername:~# ./migrate.sh --all --remote-host = <v4-server-ip>
EasyEngine 4 is already installed. Exiting migration script

What is wrong? Can anyone help me with the right steps so that I move my site from the old server to the new one?

Additional info: On the old and new server, folder “/opt/easyengine/sites” has empty