EEv4 2020 Community Consensus (v4.0.16)

Many dedicated users of EasyEngine went through a lot of transitional issues with the switch to 4.0. Some chose to make the leap and have enjoyed the new technologies. Others had to relearn new systems to complete various tasks while some missed having some features they were used to in v3.

I myself tried the update to 4.0 and felt it was okay (I was still learning the system anyways, so just looked at different documentation/asked for help to get things done) but felt (emphasis on the word felt because I never did benchmark tests, this was just based on how sites were loading for me afterward) it didn’t scale well on low-end hardware (at least compared to v3).

I have tried out other web solutions like Cyberpanel and Vesta CP and even paid options like RunCloud and ServerPilot. The ease of use and performance I can get from a 7-12 dollar VPS from those solutions (compared to EE3) just didn’t measure up.

So I have recently switched back to EE3 (using the WordOps fork though), but am very very curious how everyone has adapted to EE4 since the switch. I tried to find previous discussion on it (an updated one) and came across this thread from February of last year

I feel this is a great snapshot of how the community felt at the time and would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on how EasyEngine 4 has been for them throughout 2019 and now into 2020.

What WordPress setups are you finding to be the most performant?
What EE4 quirks are you hating the most?
What EE4 technologies have you really enjoyed since the switch?

And really any other thoughts or questions that others from the community may have. I am very curious to see how EE4 is measuring up in 2020.
Thank you for your time!

Hiya. The latest version of EE, for me, doesn’t make any difference. EE as it is right now (on redis) is not suitable for anything serious. If you followed few topic regarding redis, you would know why.
Wordops, tried it, no thnx. Cyberpanel is the best option for me. I do still use ee, but just for simple websites.