Digital Ocean Droplet resize question

Hi, If I resize my DO droplet will ee automatically reconfigure nginx to optimize for the increased ram/cpu? Or do I have to edit the file manually?

I have the same questions did we get an answer to this one ?

EE won’t update it’s config.

Nginx CPU already set to auto. So increased CPU will be used already.

For other things you may edit different config files by following

When we increase the droplet is there anything that would be suggested to complete to maximize the performance of the server?

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While I see the response from @rahul286, it is still not clear to me as to which settings must be updated when a droplet is resized. I moved from 512MB/1 core to 1GB/2 core droplet and would like to know if there are any specific settings that would have to be changed to make sure the increased resources are used effectively.

As per this post here, EE auto-detects the server resources and customizes the NGINX and PHP settings during installation. So, is there anything that must be changed if the server resources are increased post EE install? Thanks.