Cup use high on 8gb server traffic only 6-7k in a day

Hi I am getting high cpu uses but my site traffic only 6-7k and my server configuration is digital ocean 8gb ram ubuntu 16 server is already in easy engine setup website in wordpress the average cpu use 60-70% any time and i am using wp super cache if i deactivate it or use delete cache process the server cpu use on 95-99% and after that site totally down i am facing this issue very long time i am not getting any solution please help me in this.
see SS:-

some one please guide me.

First you need to update the PHP version to 7: ee site update --php7

  1. Go with PHP 7, but more importantly
  2. Why is PHP running? Is it a dynamic site that you can’t cache?

Thanks for reply

  1. I have Update my site to PHP7 but issue not fix, give me another solution
  2. this is news website.

cpu use now fine before but still it taking around 50-60% and site also showing some time error “error in database connection”, “500 error” “bad gateway” .

Then why aren’t the pages cached?

wp super cache active. if you asking this or explain in detail. thanks

can you please link to your site?

sure: and plz check current load/process on server.

something is wrong and I bet that the page cache is not working - maybe the supercache configuration is not right or something with the server is not right (perhaps, Nginx configuration). The source of your pages say “Dynamic page generated” - meaning this could be a non static page.

I can’t do it from here, but you need to test:

  • Is supercache creating a static file
  • Is the static file really served to the visitor?
  • Can you put a screenshot of your SC configuration?

Also, you can minify and combine your CSS and JS (use Autoptimize for it), but that’s not the main problem


  • How did you activated HTTPS? Did you do it via EE? because if you did it manually with the LE script, it probably means that it wasn’t configured completely
  • You have some non HTTPS resources in your pages, so your site is not really HTTPS-secured, mind you

Please check super cache configuration (628.6 KB)

http/https: Actually site running from 3 year but on that time ssl not active i active ssl from the last month. SSL Manually: Yes it configure manually, let me how i set via ee i find this (ee site update --letsencrypt) command but not tried now and my cpu/load issue also before this.

  1. the ee command might not work. It has some problems and ee should be updated - not sure if it will happen though

  2. It could be very much the reason. If you did it manually, it could be configured incompletely.

  3. Choose:

  • “expert” mode
  • “compress page…” (3rd option)
  • ‘Don"t cache pages for known users’ (1st option)
  • Do you have another theme for mobile devices?


  1. I have made changes as per your guide now average cpu uses is 30-35% but it still going on 70-80% randomly.

  2. No, Same theme calling for mobile devices.

  3. Before 3-4 month site daily traffic around 30-50K but after and server was also work fine but after this issue site user consistently down now daily traffic only 5-7K but is my site under attack or its possible that some one can take my traffic to another plat form or its not part of this.

Check your access logs.

Some kinds of brute force attacks cause CPU spikes. I always rename wp-login.php using WPS Hide Login and explicitly block xmlrpc.php and wp-login.php in nginx.conf in order to avoid this specific issue.


  1. Already active WPS.

  2. Already Blocked xmlrpc.php using this- add_filter(‘xmlrpc_enabled’, ‘__return_false’); i follow blocking step from this link (Blocked xmlrpc.php)

if there is another way to block/activity then plz tell me.

In you /var/www/ create a file named anything.conf with:

location wp-login.php { return 444; }
location xmlrpc.php { return 444; }

Like this, Nginx won’t allow the requests to be processed (the 444 status means “interrupt the connection”).

Rishi, are there many PHP processes? There should be around zero

PHP PROCESS: I don’t know about many process or not normal news website just like blog. pls guid me in this.