Cup use high on 8gb server traffic only 6-7k in a day

see ss of site error log

Processes - like in your first screenshot. Click “top” and make a screenshot

see process:

Something is not right (duh).

Your site is --wpsc but there are tons of messages referencing FastCGI cache. o.O

Perhaps you could update your site to another cache method (my preferred one is `–wpredis), but I really don’t know how to solve your issue.

Another thing: this server is not an EasyEngine server. The user owning the processes should be www-data, not ftpuser.

What’s the real deal here?

@rishi2518 - nothing is changed. Cache is not being used or something else is running not via the site

And as portofacil said, there are other issues as well. You need someone with access to the server, given that you are not too familiar with the terms and linux…

server is in EasyEngine main user are www-data but i define ftp-user for specific role.

I have one more doubt that in my site around 40K Post it can create issue.

We do not solve problems that are not associated with EasyEngine. Hire a freelancer. $20-30 per hour and problem will be solved.

There should not be any problem regarding the amount of posts in your database.

yes…thanks to you and all guidance my issue now fix there was some like tuning issue now every thing is fine.