Change upload path from front end

So, am developing a site that allows users to upload and share music relating to several artist. Each artist will then have their own radio station using the upload files. What I’m trying to do, is allow users to pick the artist that their media relates to then when they upload it it will go into the folder titled after that artist. That way, when I create my radio and they pick a station, it will play everything in that folder. So to clarify the question can some one help me set the upload path from the front end using a drop down menu. I know the current upload path can be changed from the rtmediauploadfile.php, but I don’t know how I can go about adding a dropdown to the front end, then assigning its values properly in the rtmediauploadfile.php file.


Hi @dutch85,

Sorry to say but it is not possible to change the path, what you are asking for is like upload media on behalf of some artist, which is not possible.

There is a feature available in rtMedia Pro which might help you to finish the job. Media attributes ->

User can bind attribute ( as in your case artist ) to media at the time of upload. After that you can fetch media according to artist by attribute shortcode ->

Thank you.