Blogger Redirects to HomePage, but not specific posts

I appear to be having a slightly different problem than the others. The redirect from blogger is working, but when it gets to WP, it is not finding the individual posts, so it is displaying the home page.

The plugin is activated. I am not hosting with Host Gator (I'm using GreenGeeks)

I do not see the post custom field for blogger_blog or blogger_permalink when I edit a post on WordPress.

The test case generated by the plugin does not work: Test Case Clicking this link » Should redirect to »

Thanks, Jon

Jon, I am having a very similar issue. At first I thought it was because it wasn't loading the code in blogger right, but it is saved.... I am on Bluehost and called them today and did not see anything on their end. Curious any feedback on your request as well. - Anne

I have since found the screen option to show the custom fields and they are set correctly. I had to back out the changes on blogger until I can get this resolved.


Could any of you give us access to your wordpress admin? You could send it to saurabh dot shukla at rtcamp dot com. We're concurrently looking if anything in blogger has changed to cause this, because everything was fine till a few days ago.


Just to check, are you using the old blogger template system? If you are, you'd need to update to the new system. We have upgraded our code since google made these changes and it will not work with old blogger templates.

Saurabh, I was on an old blogger template. I followed the steps to change to the "classic template." I believe I also tried the "simple" template. I'll look into this again. I have a couple ideas to try, but will be in touch for the other alternative if it's still not working. Thank you! Anne

I did "upgrade to new template" (or something similar). The code seemed to save easier (mentioned in my separate forum strand), but I'm still not seeing the redirect take place. Thanks!

I replaced the entire Template xml with the code provide by the plugin. The redirect appears to be working as when I load a specific page on Blogger it goes to the WP blog with the ?b2w = to the url of the old post.

For example:

What does not appear to be working is the Word Press side of the situation. The middle example should be showing:

Looking at the custom fields in this post, here are the values: blogger_blog: blogger_permalink: /2012/11/how-speed-impacts-fuel-economy.html

What's the next step in troubleshooting?

Thanks! Jon


Now that I could use a real example, I can see what the problem is. The plugin manages the redirection using redirect headers. Now, some servers have a problem with that. Your server, does too.

It gives a 403 Forbidden Error and refuses to redirect. You can read more about this server error code here:


Kindly contact your hosting administrator and/or support to find out if they have a policy against redirect headers. Also, find out if they will reverse it, on request. If not, you should consider shifting to a more progressive and less paranoid server.



It would be really impossible to sort this out without an actual example or admin access, as mentioned before. That's the only way, we can begin to find out what's going wrong. Otherwise, I could only speculate.



The blogger site name that has been imported into your wordpress is the same domain as your existing site. Were you using a custom domain on blogger, which you moved to WordPress?



I also noticed that the images are still on blogspot and haven't been imported. Seems like the import didn't go, too well. You might have to delete all the imported posts and reimport them and then redo the Blogger to WordPress Redirection Settings.


And just for reference, posting the other support thread:


I contacted GreenGeeks support and they asked for the following:

> Could you please let us know the exact redirect you are trying to set? > And how exactly you have set a redirect currently?

Can you provide me that answer in technical detail please?


Hi @ecodad,

The redirection code is here:

You can show this to your server support.



Here's the response from GreenGeeks's support:

> The request has been blocked by our mod_security module: > > Access denied with code 403 (phase 2). Match of "rx > ://%{SERVER_NAME}/" against "ARGS:b2w" required.

Is this something you guys can fix or do I need to ask to have the security hole opened up?

Thanks! Jon


Like I had mentioned before, servers at times do not allow redirects in the manner we do this. We set a redirect on the header. This is not the ideal way of redirecting but is perfectly simple, fast and works on almost all servers. Most servers allow this, by default or allow it on request. This is how, it generally is.

The alternative is to create 302 redirects, but that will involve writing a whole lot of code for different kind of servers. Another alternative is to manage the redirection via Javascript, which is a worse way of doing it.

This is also how a lot of social logins operate. You click a login button, it redirects you to the login provider, which authenticates you and redirects you back to the original page. Such code also doesn't work, if mod_security is enabled. You can google this up.

The tldr is, this won't be changed, unfortunately, for the sake of the plugins' simplicity.

I apologise for the inconvenience.

Ok so I'm having the same issue with it not resolving the URL and going to the home page

eg Clicking this link » Should redirect to »

I'm with Hostgator. Should this be an issue?

It jsut goes to

@mshanhun Yes hostgator support team may help you with this. For more details you can go through this topic forum and also check this article Thanks,