Best WordPress setup? FastCGI, HHVM (PHP5 Backup), Pagespeed?


I was just wondering what the best performing setup would be using EE?

From what I have read Pagespeed module doesnt work with FastCGI Caching. Anyone have any more info on this? Do all Pagespeed filter not work or only some? I would be happy to use a WP plugin to minify and combine CCS/JS, but would like some other Pagespeed filter such as image optimisations if at all possible with FASTCGI cache.

Is redis a better option?

I will only be using 1 server (no load balancing).

I did a quick test using only FastCGI Caching and it was super fast. I was then thinking of combine this with HHVM and PHP5 as a backup if/when HHVM fails.

Any info would be great.


Per my tests using SSD storage the fastest setup is:

  • FCGI Cache
  • Autoptimize to minify + combine HTML, CSS and JS (no PageSpeed)
  • EWWW Image Optimizer (but I really prefer optimizing images with JPEGMini before sending them to WP)

However, REDIS is very, very fast too, and you should do your homework on testing the different scenarios before making a decision.

Hi, Thank you for your input. Do you use anything for object caching?

Also I have seen a few other people’s post who have stated Redis is faster. I suppose it comes down to your individual circumstances.

What is Redis like to work with. I haven’t used it before. I have played with FastCGI caching and is quite easy to setup and use.


I currently use them both and Redis seems faster but I just started using it so i really havnt set up any mail services or cart/check outs and working reviews/comments, My main site uses FastCGI and I have no complaints its been challenging getting the caching set up to my likings and i like a challenge so i choose FastCGI just because i have been using it for some while and its been super dependable. Gud luck with your decision they are both superior solutions.

Best Regards!

Thanks for your input.

Can you tell me the best testing commands? I haven’t learnt any of these commands as of yet.

What’s REDIS like setting up compared to FastCGI? Easy/Harder?

If I use FastCGI how do I handle Object Caching. Others say they use REDIS for Object Caching while using FastCGI for page caching. If I use REDIS for object caching does this mean I have to use W3TC plugin as well or can I setup REDIS via CLI? Sorry I have no idea about REDIS.

Also if you use Object Caching with any of method does it slow down the WP-Admin backend? I was running W3TC with APCu and it slowed down the backend dramatically.


I just started to tinker with Redis a few days ago so I don’t have that much experience or info about it yet. The basic build was easy to set up, and from the little work I have done already it’s extremely fast and responsive, i will have more to share in the next few days as i start adding features and testing. I hadn’t noticed any lagging on the backend of any of the sites I have built using the easyengine methods.

This is the setup that best worked for me:

This is a request line.

1 - CDN 2 - FastCGI 3 - Redis 4 - MariaDB

with PHP 7 (with Opcache enabled).

Thanks for the input, by the sounds of it FastCGI and Redis seems to be the 2 contenders.

Any advice on EE security as well by any chance?


You can use both! In my experience, there is no downside of using both at the same time.

Gonna check your other link. =)

I setup REDIS and so far very impressed with the speed increase I have gained.

I am sure HTTP2 and a few other thing from EE have helped also.

Has anyone had any experience with setting up their own CDN to work with REDIS/WordPress? Create own CDN for WordPress with REDIS caching?