Easy Engine security/hardening modifications?



very new to Easy Engine and have only been getting into NGINX etc and am loving it. Now I am about to transition from manually setting up NGINX etc to using Easy Engine and was wonder if EE does any security modifications and SSL optimisations?

Mainly interested if MySQL is hardened by default or if this is something that I will still need to do?

Also what security measures does EE take for running multiple sites on the same server. e.g. new user/group for each site? Is there a new php .sock for each site? Or is this something the user still needs to do?

Also does EE out of the box ad SSL optimisations?

I should be starting my first EE build shortly and just wanted to get a little info before I started.

If you can think of anything else that EE does or doesn’t do that would be great. From what I know it configure the server blocks nginx.conf location to logs and root directory for each site.

Thanks guys.

Best WordPress setup? FastCGI, HHVM (PHP5 Backup), Pagespeed?

I’m also very new to ee and would be very interested in the points which rexi88 has raised.



Hey have you come accross anything as of yet. Been so busy I haven’t had a gooD chance to explore everything yet.